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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 20, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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onth with free hd for six months. at&t. . at this hour, protesters are converging on san quentin prison. the reason why is our top story. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the latest bay area occupy protest is happening today outside of san quentin prison. in fact a rally is getting underway right now. new at noon, tara moriarty is live from the prison to let us know what's happening and why this protest is taking place. >> reporter: we're here at the main gate to the prison.
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over the past hour or so we've noticed dozens of protesters trickling why. they are playing music, carrying signs and waiting for this rally to get underway. their message, people on the inside of these prison walls experience many of the same injusts that every day americans do. that list includes the denial of good education, decent healthcare and humane conditions. now, protesters are also against the death penalty, they say, life without the possibility of parole, three strikes, solitary confinement and extreme restriction on prisoners with the outside world. >> there's just basic things, the blanket, the food, balanced meals. we're talking about putting people in isolation for long periods of time, you know, inappropriately. >> reporter: san quentin prison guards have formed a perimeter around the ground. they are really making their presence known.
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for the first time, officials boarded up the front windows to the post office. residents who live outside of the gates have been through several anti-execution vigils but not like today. many were nervous. >> making sure that anybody throwable is out of the -- off the property, especially within arm's reach. so they don't end up destroying any of our property. >> reporter: now, this rally is supposed to last for three hours. rob roth will have more on this story coming up for you at 5:00. we did spot sarah shourd, josh fattal and shane bauer on the left-side of the roadway. those were the hostages recently freed from iran. we'll continue to stay on top of the story and let you know how it ends coming up at 5:00. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police provided a few more details late this
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moving after a police officer shot and wounded a robbery suspect in east oakland. investigators say it happened around 11:30 last night on 62nd avenue not far from seminary avenue and international boulevard. an officer responded of a report of a robbery and saw two men in a car. one of the men jumped out and ran. an opd spokesperson says the officer chased the man and says the suspect had a gun. >> the suspect got out and ran. at what point did the officer feel threatened when he was running? >> these are the details that the investigation is working on right now. because it's an officer- involved shooting, we're very limited on what information we can provide. >> police say the suspect's wounds were not life- threatening and the driver of the car got away. officers are still looking for him. early yesterday a man was shot and killed about a block away from that officer-involved shooting. sunday morning's shooting os
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want seminary off. family members say the man was shot in the chest and then stumbled into his mother's home where he collapsed and died. police have not released a motive or the victim's name. san jose police have arrested a 15-year-old in connection with a possible gang- related stabbing inside a shopping mall but they are still looking for another two teenaged suspects. these play the three teenagers got into a -- police say the three teenagers got into a fight with the other boys inside the eastridge mall had. the two teens stabbed are expected to survive. two department stores were evacuated and locked down after the stabbing while the rest of the mall remained opened. traffic is flowing this afternoon after the upper deck opened more than a day ahead of schedule. today, many drivers are having the chance to navigate a slight lane shift of a work done over the weekend. caltrans says lanes removed
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slightly between the south between the toll plaza and the incline of the eastern span. officials say the change is noticeable but not as dramatic as the infamous s-curve in the middle of the span. >> as you come through the metering right area and go into the merge, the configuration has changed. there's nothing new that will require a decision but it will be your first time through this. so go easy and be safe. >> all westbound lanes of the bridge were closed on friday night so crews could begin demolition on part of the old eastern span. caltrans lanked to -- plarned to keep the -- planned to keep the bridge closed but they finished more than 30 hours ahead of schedule. there was a serious problem with the morning commute in the south bay due to a fatal accident just before 5:00 this morning. it happened on the east capital expressway offramp from northbound 101-6789 ktvu's paul chambers joins us with more. >> reporter: good afternoon,
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tori. i've been on the scene for several hours. investigators believe the weather may have played a role in the accident. the call came in at 4:45 this morning of an overturned suv. investigators say the vehicle was headed northbound on highway 101. as the driver took the east capital expressway off-- offarm -- offarm, he flipped. the identity of the person who died has not been released -- offramp, he flipped. the identify tid of the person who -- identity of the person who died has not been released.
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two people were transferred to the hospital. one with nonlife-threatening injuries. the other with life threatening injuries. police say no one in the car was wearing seat belts. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. the dig for human remains continues in san joaquin county. searchers have recovered 1,000 bone pack meants believed to belong to victims. one of the convicted killers has written a letter claims he -- fragments believed to belonged to victims. one of the convicted killers has written a letter saying he knows of more remains. and shermantine also said that he would release that information once he was paid $30,000. federal investigators are trying to determine what caused a helicopter and a small plane to crip each -- to clip each
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other in midair north of antioch. the accident happened north of the rio vista airport. after the airport, the helicopter landed on highway 160. the plane landed in a field. no one was hurt. the woman piloting the helicopter suffered cuts to her hands. and the man piloting the plane also had some cuts. two passengers on board the plan were not hurt. a professional skier is lee doverying -- recoverying northeast of seattle. a dozen people were in an out- of--bounds area when the av plan of area -- avalanche area. one person wore a safety device known as an air wag that -- air bag that kept her near the service. she survived. they managed to dig themselves out of the snow.
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at that point, they knew that three skiers are in distress. they began cpr. they are calling 911 to try to get help to them. >> the area was under an avalanche warning. experts warn there is a high risk of additional avalanches across the west. a dry winter has caused a weak and unstable base layer of snow. the u.s. coast guard tells ktvu it's called off the search in the bay waters. it was all sparked by a may day collision. the coast guard said there's no debris in the water or any other evidence of a crash. investigators say the phone call may have been a hoax. it's official. one of the bad boys of baseball is headed to the bay area. and rosemary's up soon to tell you about a big change in bay area weather. find out when it will really
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a san jose tattoo parlor went up in flames this morning. the fire was reported shortly before 5:00 a.m. at lucky star tattoo on blossom hill road. the tattoo parlor on the second floor of this building sustained heavy damage. investigators are working to determine a cause and say the building appeared to be unoccupied at the time of the fire. investigators are looking for the cause of this two-alarm fire at a market near richmond high school. someone reported the fire at 3:30 a.m. it took firefighters 45 minutes to put it out. no one was injured. firefighters put the damage at about 200,000 mostly to the office and storage area. officials at the united nations began a two-day visit to iran today amid tensions over that country's nuclear program. the u.n.'s international atomic
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energy agency wants to determine whether iran is trying to make an atomic weapon or just enriching uranium for power. so far iranian officials have denied they are working on atomic weapon. if that's disproved, both the u.s. and israel has said military action against iran is not off the table. syrian troops and tanks are gathering. an activist is warning that a government assault on the city could bring a round of new fierce urban conflilth. this is amateur video. meantime, the international red cross is trying to broker a cease-fire in syria so emergency aid can get to areas of heavy fighting. the u.n. says thousands of people have died in the 11 months of fighting. the ex-boyfriend of nadia lockyer who is accused of assaulting her was arrested on drug chargethe over the weekend of the state attorney general's
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office is already investigating the 35-year-old's behavior. the chronicle reports highway patrol officers took haim into custody -- took him into custody. nadia lockyer is in rehab. a new nationwide poll shows santorum is the new front- runner for the republican presidential nomination. the gallup poll shows he has 36% of republican votes leading mitt romney by an 8th of a margin. newt gingrich is in third, ron paul is in fourth. a group of people gathered at san francisco's city hall to speak out against teen bullying. the group included victims of bullying across the state and they are planning a monster
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march. the monster reference comes from lady gaga who refers to her friends as monster. today, teenagers shared some soirs about how bully -- stories about how bullying has affected their lives. >> since fourth grade i cut myself. i have thought about suicide. i've tried it. i have taken pills and i have twiced my wrist. >> the teen you just heard of, he made a video about being bullying. it's received more than 9 million hits. his mother also spoke at today's event. >> he was called faggot, year and told he should guy on a daily basis. we live under the same roof and i see him every day.
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how did i not know. >> the teens want lady gaga to attend the march and they hope to have 10,000 teens take part. an audit that looked at how the mt. diablo school board is spending money is raising questions. the audit was presented to the district's oversight committee. the paper reports a taxpayer representative thinks some of the money was spent illegally. at issue, $14 million the district used to prepay leases and another $1.8 million in other bond costs. but the auditor says those engs spegeses are allowed -- expenses are allowed. the city of oakland is stepping up its battle against smoking at bus stops. they are putting up hundreds of no-smoking signs at bus shelters and stops. a.c. transit will begin putting no-
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smoking symbols on their schedules. five year', an ordinance was passed no-smoking at the bus -- five years ago an ordinance was passed that no smoking was allowed at the buses but they never put up signs. nine different incidents occurred in livermore. in one case, a large rock slammed a window and landed near a child's crib. investigators believe the vandals are using some sort of launching device. if you have any information call livermore police. someone swept on a graffiti spree in petaluma. police found 32 separate images sprawled this week that were gang member and ethnic slurs directed at teachers. it will cost about $3,000 to
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repair the damage. you know yosemite is beautiful but here is another reminder of its beauty. this shows one of the parks lesser-known waterfalls and during certain sunsets in mid- february, the sunlight makes the water resemble molten lava. the phenomenon know lasts just minutes each day will hopefully be around until the end of the week. espn confirms manny ramirez has been signed to the oakland as to a one-year contract. they will pay him $500,000 that will cover his contract a little more than two-thirds of the season. that's because he must serve a 50-game suspension for violating the mlb's drug policy for a second time. the first time he can enter the lineup for the as will be june 2nd against the kansas city royals.
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cloudy, cool weather in the forecast for your monday. a transition starting later today that will bring us a nice warmup in time for the business week as we heed into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we've got gray skies out there. partly sunny conditions expected for today. temperatures up to what we felt yesterday. we have plenty of cloud cover up there. temperatures for the afternoon will be slightly cool for this time of year. 54 in and around areas right around palo alto down over to stanford. 54 degrees around the peninsula. 56 in san jose. a few .10 of rain reported in the last 24 hours. areas around mountain view, reporting $.08. a satellite radar can't get the rain to move into the area. just a few sprinkles passing
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overhead. we are gating plenty of cloud cover from this. the system will be pushing from the east. for the most part we'll be mainly dry for today. meanwhile we'll have a huge pattern change and you will start to see it as early as tomorrow. for today we're partly to mostly cloudy. our temperatures will be below average. by tomorrow, several degrees above normal and tuesday and wednesday could be the warmest days. forecast models predicting the possibility of breezy, offshore conditions. as we know, that really helps to warm us up. for the afternoon, 58. 57 in berkeley. 57 in oakland. 58 san francisco. upper 50s hayward with partly to mostly cloudy skies. 61 san jose. 61 degrees los gatos. your five-day forecast as we get back to work on tuesday could start off with a little bit of patchy fog. high pressure building in. we'll that -- that will subside us and bring us a possibility
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of maybe fog closer to the frond. we'll be warming u 72 degrees expected -- warming up. 72 degrees expected. low 70s on thursday. as we get intoed weekend we'll see another switch. reel turn to cooler weather, once again. but for the most part we're looking at dry conditions. sunday, the possibility of maybe a few sprinkles there. it's way too far out to know at this point. but a dry forecast. spring-like weather on the way. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. one of the last survivors of the 1906 san francisco earthquake will be honored today. rose cliver passed away over the weekend at the age of 109. in previous interviews she said she remembered climbing a bernal heights hill following the quake to watch the fire. she will be honored at john's grill on ellis street. this year's commemoration of the great quake will be dedicated to her.
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there are now 12 known earthquake survivors alive. when we get back, what apple didn't want to hear. and gas prices are doing something never heard of. dinner's ready.
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. a chinese court is now selling stores to stop selling
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apple's ipad. a lawyer for proveil says the koirt has ruled continuing sales in china are a violation of trademark rights belonging to his client. proview technology is in the middle of a legal battle with apple. steven colbert will begin taping his show again today africansleing a few shows last week. at the time, the show would only say the dñañy
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